If a new research is to be wholeheartedly believed then Sun is to be undoubtedly blamed for a majority of premature skin aging symptoms, and wrinkles to be one of them. In a study performed on 300 women proved that the harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays account for almost 80 per cent of skin aging, including wrinkles.

How does Sun cause wrinkles?

sunexposureUnfortunately, how does exactly the Sun causes wrinkles is yet unknown; however, it is already proven and established that even small amounts of UV radiation can trigger the process that causes wrinkles.

Here is mentioned how the process gets triggered:

Predominantly sunlight is known to massively damage elastin, a protein found in the skin that usually maintains the strength of tissue underneath the skin. Now, in response to this elastin damage, our body tends to produce large amounts of enzymes called as metalloproteinases.  Some of these enzymes are responsible for collagen breakdown, which results in formation of disorganized collagen fibers called as solar scars. This process of abnormal skin rebuilding causes wrinkles.

Therefore, Sun is a prime contestant for triggering the process of causing wrinkles.

Preventive tips

The truth, however is, that many things cause our skin to age. Some things are prone to occur such as natural aging while others can be controlled such as our environmental choices. Read through the following tips in order to prevent causing premature wrinkles.

  1. Sun protection is essential

And there are no qualms about it. Period! You need to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen everyday to all parts of skin, and especially to the skin that is not covered by clothes. Make sure that you use sunscreen that is broad-spectrum, SPF30 or above every single time when you step outside, and even when it’s cloudy or cold.

Ideally, you must avoid going under the Sun from 12:00pm to 4pm if possible since that is the time when sunlight pours down 80 per cent of its daily UV dose.

  1. Avoid tan from the Sun

This could be quite a disappointment for some of us who love getting sunburn at the beach.  Just so you know that every time you get a suntan, you prematurely age your skin. These harmful UV rays of the Sun do you more harm than good.

So, kindly avoid getting a skin tan from the Sun, and also from any indoor tanning equipment. They are equally hazardous to the skin.

  1. Eat healthy

I am sure you must have heard this tip very often. But, it is incredibly essential to eat the right food in order to avoid wrinkles and other premature signs of aging. Your food must contain plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy oils as it may protect against oxidative stress in the skin.

Avoid diet that contains lots of sugar as that may accelerate the formation of wrinkles on the skin.


Departing thoughts

If, for some reasons, you still don’t find any positive changes in your skin despite making lifestyle changes including protecting your skin from Sun then you must visit a dermatologists for further guidance.


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