Researchers have found out that dark circles under the eyes are formed due to poor blood flow. In fact, it is believed that in the area of dark circles, the blood flows at a slower rate as compared to the area of the cheeks.

What role does Vitamin K play?

darkcircles-vitmainkVitamin K is known to have two significant roles to play in our skin; firstly, it helps in the function of blood clotting proteins, and secondly it supports the function of Gas6, a protein that regulates cell growth and cell proliferation. It is due to these pivotal functions that we may conclude that Vitamin K does in fact play a pivotal role in regulating the blood flow around the sensitive area of our eyes, and thereby assist in minimizing and eliminating the dark circles around the eyes.

Now, the good part is that you can either consume Vitamin K or you can topically apply the Vitamin in order to minimize or even eliminate the appearances of dark circles underneath your eyes.


What to Do about it?


It is strongly advisable to start implementing the following methods to reduce those dark circles beneath your eyes.

  1. Take a Vitamin K supplement

Taking a Vitamin K supplement or a multivitamin that contains Vitamin K on daily basis is a good idea for treating dark circles. It is advisable to consume 80mg and 65mg of Vitamin K for adult males and adult females respectively to see better results.

  1. Buy eye-creams that contain Vitamin K and Vitamin A

Sometimes, the dark circles don’t respond to eye creams that contain only Vitamin K, and therefore, you must apply creams that contain both – Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin K. Many studies have shown that these combination works remarkably well for healing dark circles. Wait for at least a month to see the desired results.

  1. Buy a moisturizing cream that contains Vitamin K

In order to strengthen the capillary walls and to reduce the visibility of blood vessels through the thin skin underneath the eyes, you must topically apply a moisturizing cream that contains at least 5 percent of Vitamin K in it.

  1. Eat food that is rich in Vitamin K

vitamin-k-foodsYou cannot go wrong with eating right. You must make sure that your diet includes plenty of Vitamin K rich foods such as green and leafy vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cabbage and spinach.

Vitamin K will help in improving blood circulation to a significant level, and therefore, eating the right diet will invariably assist you in keeping up with the Vitamin K levels in your body.